results of NROL4W: stage 1: fitness test 1

i am recording this here so i can take a look at my numbers down the road.  i’m in the final week of stage one of new rules of lifting for women.  there are two special workouts to finish up, which are fitness tests, more or less.  you start with the weight you began with (approx. six weeks prior) and do continuous reps until failure.

barbell squats: 10kg for 50 reps

pushups: full body for 20 reps, 45 degree angle for 20 reps

barbell bent over rows: 10kg for 30 reps

step-ups: 22kg for 20 reps/per leg

suicide jumps: 30 reps (this is modified from the original prone jackknife, since i do not have a stability ball)

i am shaking and sweaty as a result  🙂 win!  my strength has increased about 25% since i began.  i’m really proud of myself!


a tale of two sisters

the move is coming on fast… just three more days!  i will be covered in dust and newsprint until then  😀  there are four out of six giant boxes packed, so i think i’m doing pretty well.

in the past four years, i’ve given countless private english lessons to students all around the city.  but two of my students stick out above all the others, and this is their story.

i met alice in august 2008.  my first impression was a lively grade-3 korean girl who resembled some sort of tiny fox.  i remember distinctly that i taught her how to play “simon says” during our first lesson, and the shouts and giggles that followed were absolutely precious.  several months later, i discovered she had a younger sister in kindergarten, named ann.  i met her one afternoon, climbing on top of the desk alice and i used for study, refusing to leave unless we played games with her.  she was tiny with a wee kindergarten-kid tummy and shiny, uncontrollable brown hair.

over the years, we’ve done a lot together and gotten through countless english instruction books.  alice has gone from a fussy girl who sometimes didn’t want classes into a young woman whose english is astonishingly good.  she’ll be starting middle school soon.  ann has developed from “just a kid” into a curious girl who loves arts and crafts and has a serious crush on my husband.  i have had them over to play WII, bake cakes and cookies, cook spaghetti and pizza and hamburgers, and play endless card games.  we’ve even cuddled on the couch under my lambswool hello kitty blanket, watching korean cartoons, with the girls fighting over who gets to sit closest to me and who gets to hold the cat in their lap.  and tanigawa is always impressing them with his magic tricks.

i went over to their home to teach alice last night, who has been dutifully studying her english textbooks, so she can get into a decent middle school with a high english test score.  she put her arm around my shoulder near the end of the class and said, “teacher.  friday… it’s our… last class.  you’re moving.  it makes me and my little sister so sad.”  my eyes filled up with tears.  we ended the lesson, and i walked the ten minutes back to my flat, crying like a fool.

so, this one’s for ann and alice yi.  i’ll miss you guys  ❤

moving is making me crazy.

…as if i weren’t crazy enough.

eight days out until the move, and i am not ready.  first off all, my house is full of books, dvds, mountains of clothes and shoes, and lots of under-bed dust bunnies (actually they are dust cows now).  also, i’ve been living in suzhou for over six years.  it’s going to be so strange moving to wuxi – my new neighbourhood is a maze, i am going to be far too close to the in-laws for my liking, and everything is just generally unfamiliar.  wuxi is a LOT smaller than suzhou, too!  3 million people compared to eight.  i am hoping i can find some foreign friends relatively quickly, to ease the isolation.

one of the nice things about the new house (other than the overall newness) is that there are lots of windows to let it sunlight and we have an awesome backyard/patio.  i raised the topic of topless sunbathing with tanigawa and his eyebrows went all the way up to his scalp!  yeahhhh, new ways to shock the neighbours!

my training and workout schedule is going swimmingly.  one more week of stage one, before i finish up and get a recovery week, then dive into stage two.  the eating plan, well, that’s a work in progress, although i seem to be able to eat nearly 3000 calories/per day three times a week with no effect and still seem to be losing bodyfat.  once the really hot weather comes, it’ll be way easier to get where i want to be by the wedding in august.  i already look nice in a bikini, i just want to look BETTER.  i let tanigawa know i’m going to be “a real man” come august.  he walked out of the room.

theodore, the king of furbabies, is currently in a battle with a cloth bag and a lot of scattered kitty litter.  damage control is necessary, i guess…  :$