there’s a gym opening up in mid-june literally across the walk from my house.  they have a huge, awesome pool and les mills classes as well as pole dancing, spinning, etc.  i couldn’t resist joining, especially since i am getting to a point with my strength training that i need all the safety equipment (ie, squat racks and such) that going to a gym entails.  a one-year membership with pool access for my family for $250 CDN… well, of course i joined!

for the first year, i get a personal trainer for free.  yeah!!

…but.  and there’s always a but, it seems.  the PT gave me an assessment and the result?  super-obesity.  mind you, my BMI is not even 21, i am 172cm tall, and i weight something like 63kg.  i was in such shock at the evaluation that i could not speak.  SINCE WHEN IS THAT OBESE?!  after chatting with the PT for a bit and being told i should lose about 10kg, i dragged myself home, on the verge of tears.  if i lost 10kg, not only would i be underweight, but also “medically” anorexic.  as someone who has struggled with eating disorders… well, the last thing you should tell me is that i am obese while being at a perfectly healthy weight.

i am a very logical, exacting individual, but i still cannot shake this, even if i know deep-down it is total BS.  even after realizing the assessment i was given lumps your fat and muscle weight together, making it essentially meaningless.  even after being reassured by so many friends and family that the result was ridiculous…

excuse me, i’ve gotta go and get my head on straight.