wow, it’s been so long since i’ve blogged, but it seems like yesterday  :$  there’s some definite catching up to do.

work is going well.  i’ve gotten the hang of time management in my one-hour lessons.  i am able to deal with the boredom i experience if i have no classes but still need to remain in the office… lots of water-drinking, getting up every ten minutes or so to move around a bit or pace, pre-planning my english corner topics well in advance, chatting with my co-workers to get to know them, etc.

last wednesday was the tomb sweeping festival (清明节).  i hate being forcibly included on these events with tanigawa’s family, on my days off, when all i want to do is get some extra sleep and work out.  tanigawa’s relatives are all sort of nice, but they aren’t well-educated enough to keep from talking about me while i’m present and within earshot.  i want to blend in with the crowd.  they like to talk about how my bum is big and that i’ll be good for birthing baby boys, how i don’t eat much in their presence, even how i WALK.  i sort of lost it and burst into tears and got very angry and managed to smear my makeup quite attractively.  i sometimes think they don’t see me as a person, just “a foreigner”, and a grandchild delivery device.  my fight or flight mechanism kicks in and i feel exhausted after these encounters.  i read somewhere on the internets that foreign women who marry into chinese families should choose a man who’s wealthy, has a job, and no family.  the first two i don’t care anything about, but i’m inclined to agree with the last one.

i’ve discovered that, since moving to wuxi, there are really no spectacular restaurants here.  i guess i was spoiled in suzhou, living on a japanese food/bar street!  but the air in wuxi is so, so much cleaner than in suzhou.  strangely enough, too, although wuxi is much smaller than suzhou, it seems like a more modern city.  wider streets, newer buildings, and lots of department stores.  there’s a subway under construction which should be done next year and the buses are so comfy and clean!

anyway, my coffee cup is empty and it’s time to work out!