well, except for the fact that i STILL haven’t made good on my promise of house pictures.  it’ll happen, guys, i’m just waiting for a sunny day to do so.  the house is so much more impressive with sun flowing through all the windows!

i started my new job yesterday.  i was so excited and happy and bubbly!  all the girls in the office were surprised to meet me.  “oh my gosh, you’re so tall!”  “you look like a model, we weren’t expecting that!”  the other foreign teachers seem nice too.  everyone’s from a different area… john’s from new zealand, alex is from austrailia, and the other teachers are from england and america.  and now they’ve got a canadian, so the school has all their english-speaking countries covered!  i get to go shopping, too… the dress code is strictly office wear, so after my two-hour class observation is over at 4pm this afternoon, i am going to buy some clothes!!  my working hours will be 1 ~ 9pm, friday through tuesday.  my first full day is actually monday next week, and since i have tomorrow off, i am going to prepare loads of lunchboxes/snacks for the week ahead.  i am a notorious breakfast- and lunch-skipper, so i’m going to have to start eating brunch before work, a light meal on my dinner break, then a snack afterwards.  i usually wake up very early, so i’ll have time to work out in the mornings, shower, then do work prep.

on thursday, i cooked a huge meal for tanigawa’s parents and aunts and uncles.  it went over very well, although it was stressful.  i made lentil stew, bbq chicken wings, pizza, and spaghetti.  i guess i should post a recipe blog soon!  tanigawa was concerned about my choice in clothing since his family his astonishingly anti-cleavage, but no one said anything.  they left full and happy and a bit tipsy, so all was well.

theodore is getting used to the house and is finally up and about and we can resume our morning routine.  i can’t wake up properly without my cuddle-buddy!