in a previous post, i mentioned that the final two workouts of stage one of the new rules of lifting for women are fitness tests.  well, here’s my result from yesterday’s workout…

deadlifts: 20kg for 70 reps

dumbbell shoulder press: 12 kg (each side) for 20 reps

lat pullovers: 12kg for 30 reps

lunges: 22kg for 25 reps/each leg.

side suicide jumps: 30 reps (this is modified from the original, since i do not have a stability ball)

i’m really impressed with the numbers from deadlifts, despite it being a relatively light weight.  i am so happy to be finished with stage one.  i’m moving onto stage two beginning the 26th of march (the book advises a week off from strength training).  as well, since the weather has warmed up, i am going to be doing loads of jogging next week.  it’ll help familiarize me with the new neighbourhood, as well.  two birds with one stone!