that ^^^ … is theodore.  chilling on the dining room table with vigorously “swimming” with his paws.  he’s my morning buddy.

i usually wake up around 7 ~ 8am.  theodore is always on the bed in some form – sometimes he’s under the blankets, sometimes he’s sleeping on my tummy, other times he’s sitting right beside my pillow just staring at me.  i sit for a few minutes on the bed, chatting with him and patting him, until he stretches and yawns and decides it’s time to leave the room.

i always go directly from the bedroom to the kitchen, because king theodore needs breakfast, and fast!  he usually runs ahead of me, runs back, runs ahead, then runs back and wraps both paws around my leg and chomps my calf pretty firmly.  better than coffee, folks!  instant-awake!

after his food and water are taken care of, i spend time tidying the kitchen and putting things away.  i drink several glasses of water, then put the coffee on.  he follows me like a shadow.

i shuffle into the office and turn on the computer, come back to get my coffee, then go to browse emails and such.  theodore does his own thing for about ten minutes, then sneaks over, puts a paw on my leg, and waits until i pick him up to sit on my lap.  this is the point where he turns from cat to superglue.  if i get up to go to the washroom, get more coffee, anything… he digs his claws in, and refuses to budge.  and in the event that i do manage to get up, he sits on my chair, “keeping it warm”, until i come back.

yeah, theodore’s totally my best buddy  🙂