i am recording this here so i can take a look at my numbers down the road.  i’m in the final week of stage one of new rules of lifting for women.  there are two special workouts to finish up, which are fitness tests, more or less.  you start with the weight you began with (approx. six weeks prior) and do continuous reps until failure.

barbell squats: 10kg for 50 reps

pushups: full body for 20 reps, 45 degree angle for 20 reps

barbell bent over rows: 10kg for 30 reps

step-ups: 22kg for 20 reps/per leg

suicide jumps: 30 reps (this is modified from the original prone jackknife, since i do not have a stability ball)

i am shaking and sweaty as a result  🙂 win!  my strength has increased about 25% since i began.  i’m really proud of myself!