…as if i weren’t crazy enough.

eight days out until the move, and i am not ready.  first off all, my house is full of books, dvds, mountains of clothes and shoes, and lots of under-bed dust bunnies (actually they are dust cows now).  also, i’ve been living in suzhou for over six years.  it’s going to be so strange moving to wuxi – my new neighbourhood is a maze, i am going to be far too close to the in-laws for my liking, and everything is just generally unfamiliar.  wuxi is a LOT smaller than suzhou, too!  3 million people compared to eight.  i am hoping i can find some foreign friends relatively quickly, to ease the isolation.

one of the nice things about the new house (other than the overall newness) is that there are lots of windows to let it sunlight and we have an awesome backyard/patio.  i raised the topic of topless sunbathing with tanigawa and his eyebrows went all the way up to his scalp!  yeahhhh, new ways to shock the neighbours!

my training and workout schedule is going swimmingly.  one more week of stage one, before i finish up and get a recovery week, then dive into stage two.  the eating plan, well, that’s a work in progress, although i seem to be able to eat nearly 3000 calories/per day three times a week with no effect and still seem to be losing bodyfat.  once the really hot weather comes, it’ll be way easier to get where i want to be by the wedding in august.  i already look nice in a bikini, i just want to look BETTER.  i let tanigawa know i’m going to be “a real man” come august.  he walked out of the room.

theodore, the king of furbabies, is currently in a battle with a cloth bag and a lot of scattered kitty litter.  damage control is necessary, i guess…  :$